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Shock Wave Therapy

shockwave-therapyExtracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, also known as lithotripsy, is a modality used by physiotherapists to treat chronic tendonopathties, like, plantar fasciitis (pain felt in the heal of your foot), achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, hip bursitis and tendonitis, elbow tendonitis (golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow), and shoulder tendonitis.

Shock Wave Therapy is not indicated for acute or recent injuries. It is for stubborn, persistent, or chronic problems that you have had for 3 months or more. When conventional physiotherapy or other modalities have failed, Shock Wave Therapy may help.

Common questions about Shock Wave Therapy

How long is a typical course of Shock Wave Therapy?

A typical course of Shock Wave Therapy is 3-5 sessions, each scheduled about a week apart.

Are there additional fees required for Shock Wave Therapy?

No, At Shyft Physiotherapy, there is no additional cost for Shock Wave Therapy. Standard physiotherapy rates apply.

Are there any contraindications with medications when being treated using Shock Wave Therapy?

Yes. If you are taking medications that thin your blood, like warfarin, you are not a candidate for Shock Wave Therapy.

How do you determine if Shock Wave Therapy is right for me?

Shock Wave Therapy treatment begins with a comprehensive physiotherapy examination. Your physiotherapist will let you know if Shock Wave Therapy is appropriate for your particular condition.