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Acupuncture, like several other treatment methods and modalities, is practiced by some of our physiotherapists. It involves the use of fine needles strategically inserted into specific points in your body to stimulate nerve, muscle, or blood vessels. It can modulate nerve conduction, release muscle tension, or promote blood flow to reduce pain and promote healing.

If determined that acupuncture treatment is an effective way of treating your problem or condition, your physiotherapist will identify the the area to be treated, then insert a needle into that point. Needles may be inserted into several prescribed acupuncture points or may be inserted into myofascial trigger points, otherwise known as dry needling.

When acupuncture treatment is recommended for prescribed acupuncture point, the needles will often be left in place for several minutes, depending on your body’s response to treatment. They may also be manually stimulated (flicked or twirled) or electrically stimulated using a point stimulator. Stimulating the needles throughout treatment may intensify the body’s response to treatment and accelerated the healing process.

When acupuncture is recommended for myofascial trigger points or dry needling, the physiotherapist will insert fine filament needles into the body, specifically neuromuscular tissue, with the goal of decreasing pain and spasm. There are many conditions and symptoms that can be treated with dry needling, as well as many methods of delivery for this modality and treatment method.

The best way for us to determine if acupuncture is a treatment method or modality that will be affective for you, is to book an initial assessment at one of our acupuncture clinics with one of our acupuncture registered Physiotherapists. Book Now!

Common questions about acupuncture

Are the needles sterilized?

Yes, acupuncture needles are individually sealed and sterile. They are single use only – we do not re-use our needles.

Can anyone perform acupuncture?

No, for insurance purposes, acupuncture is performed by a registered physiotherapist, not a registered acupuncturist. Therefore, the problem or condition treated must be within the scope of practice of a physiotherapist and will be part of a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment plan, which may include activity modification and exercise prescription.

How will you know if acupuncture is the right treatment method for me?

Any acupuncture clinic treatment begins with a thorough physiotherapy examination. It is at the discretion of your treating physiotherapist if acupuncture is right for you. They will discuss any potential risks and benefits.

Does SHYFT provide acupuncture near me?

With three locations in the city of London (2 full service clinics and 1 satellite location), there is a good chance will be able to service you and your acupuncture needs from one of our conveniently located clinics.