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Knee & Hip Physiotherapy

Any surgery can be difficult. And finding the right rehabilitation partner can sometimes be just as challenging. At SHYFT, we work to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. As a Community Physiotherapy Clinic (CPC)*, SHYFT can provide Physiotherapy treatment following your Total Knee Joint Replacement (TKA) or Total Hip Joint Replacement (THA). However, we start working with you weeks leading up to your surgery. We suggest booking your initial Physiotherapy assessment as soon as you know the date of your surgery. Therefore, we can schedule your initial assessment within 1 week of surgery, and your post surgery assessment should be within 2 weeks of surgery.

The best way for us to determine how to move forward with your TKA or THA treatment, is to book an initial assessment with one of our registered Physiotherapists. Book Now!

Common questions about knee & hip physiotherapy

Is my surgery Physiotherapy Treatment covered by OHIP or is there a fee?

Coverage for treatment is provided by the hospital that performed your surgery.

Do all of your clinic locations provide the Physiotherapy Treatment required for my recovery?

TKA Physiotherapy is available at our Central location only and THA Physiotherapy is available at our Central and North locations only.

How many visits will it take?

When you have a TKA, it may take between 8-12 visits over 2-3 months or at your therapist’s discretion. Everyone is a little different but that seems to be the range. However, THA may require only 4-6 visits over 2-3 months and again, that would be a your therapist’s discretion.

Who is my initial assessment done with?

Your initial assessment is performed by a Physiotherapist. Subsequent visits may be with a Physiotherapy Assistant under the direction and supervision of your Physiotherapist.